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Optical components – manufacturability and costs

Optics Manufacturing supports OEM businesses, system designers and suppliers of modules or components in the development and production of optical components and optomechatronical systems and instruments. We produce prototypes or small series optical components and assemblies. Furthermore, we advise on the manufacturability and cost management of products when designing and applying high quality optics.

When developing advanced instruments and high-tech systems, optomechatronic building blocks become increasingly important determinants for product quality. The quality of the design is partly determined by continuously basing the design choices on the correct balance between functionality, manufacturability and production costs. In the realization of optical components, TNO seeks to optimize the system functionalities for her customers. Additionally, involvement of Optics Manufacturing in your development process results in lower production costs, a shorter development process and less problems with industrialization.

Manufacturability optical components

The optical engineer and the designer of the optomechatronical system do not only need knowledge about the application of optics. To optimize their design, they also need the knowledge about manufacturing possibilities of optical components. The Optics Manufacturing expertise helps you to find answers for your design questions like:

  • Can I implement a thinner lens to save space?
  • How do I attach two prisms to an aluminum container?
  • Can functional optical surfaces be combined in one product?
  • Can the number of lenses be decreased by the use of an aspheric lens?

In addition, we conduct research on manufacturing processes in relation to feasible specifications. The advice of TNO contributes to a manufacturable and robust product. That way, delays in the development process can be avoided and an achievable industrialization can be made.

Cost management

The target selling price is the reference to a successful product introduction for the designer. However, during the design process costs can increase due to the adding of functionalities and changes in geometry and specifications. This is especially true for optical components in which small design changes have a large influence on the manufacturability and production costs. TNO assists in the design phase to control the product costs. By determining which materials and which processes are needed to produce the optical components or assemblies, we can make an accurate estimate of the product costs. In order to reach this the process time is determined and the employee costs, machine costs and material costs are used to calculate the direct production costs. The indirect costs like overhead costs and profit margin are determined together with the designer, depending on and in accordance with the organization.


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