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Optical Fiber Sensor System

TNO develops dedicated fiber optic sensor systems, which provide sensing solutions where other techniques fail. Intrinsic properties of fiber optic sensing, like e.g. immunity for electromagnetic interference, lightweight, small sized and corrosion resistance are some of the unique features which are fully exploited in many different applications by TNO's fiber optic sensing experts.

As an example this photograph shows two miniaturized fiber optic pressure sensors. The small size is optimized for in-vivo pressure sensing, while TNO's sensor system design, i.e. sensor, readout and data processing algorithms allow a very high pressure sensitivity.

Unique insight in processes

Fiber optic sensing technology provides our customers unique insight in chemical, biological and industrial processes. The sensing principle is based on the interaction of light with its surroundings brought to the measurement location by means of an optical fiber.

There are a number of advantages of using light for sensing combined with a small sized and light weighted optical fiber:

  • unique optical multiplexing potential, i.e. a large number of fiber optic sensors can be addressed and read out by a minimal number of lead fibres
  • intrinsically safe in explosive environments
  • unprecedented sensitivity and dynamic range
  • high temperature, pressure and corrosion resistant
  • unsusceptible to Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)

These unique properties fill the gap left by conventional (electrical) sensors and open a whole new area of special applications.

Can fiber optic sensing solve your sensing challenges?

To answer that question let's first take a look at all the different parameters which are accessible using fiber optics: Acceleration, Vibration, Temperature, Strain, Pressure, Shape, Flow velocity, Magnetic field, Liquid level, Density, Viscosity, Humidity, Chemicals. At TNO we develop tailored solutions to your sensing needs. We develop the complete system from sensor to up to the processing algorithms allowing our customers to visualize their process. The sensor system development extends to a prototype level after which we play a consulting role in the first series production of the sensor system. We are in the business of providing unprecedented sensing solutions to our customers, allowing

  • Efficient real time optimization of production processes
  • Improved system reliability and availability
  • Insight in industrial, chemical or biological processes

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