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Optics Manufacturing

Optics Manufacturing provides advice on the manufacturability and costs of your product, and conducts production process research. Furthermore, we focus on the manufacturing of sophisticated optical components and instruments. TNO's advice and products are commonly applied in space instruments, astronomy, scientific research, Semicon and high-tech industries.

The design and manufacturing industry for high quality instruments and high-tech systems is on the rise in Europe. Optical components and subsystems are more and more often the determinants for functionality in relation to measurement, movement precision and process speed. The integration of optics in a system design requires specific knowledge of the manufacturability in relation to the costs and functionality. TNO is your ideal partner in the development and realization of optomechatronic systems. We are your advisor in the field of optics manufacturing. In addition, we use our research and production facilities for the production of prototypes and small series optical components and assemblies. Moreover, as TNO innovation factory we are always looking for new challenges in which functionality and costs are key. We feel comfortable on the edge of technology.

Optics manufacturing expertise

Optics Manufacturing of TNO houses a multitude of experts and professionals, whose knowledge and experience is directed towards a large diversity of processes. Our knowledge covers:

  • Polishing and grinding technology for the production of spherical optics
  • Computer controlled polishing for the finishing of aspheric and freeform optics
  • Ion Beam Figuring for correction to higher surface accuracies
  • MRF polishing for the polishing of aspheric optics
  • Ultra-precision processing for diamond turning, milling and grinding of optical components made of metal, plastic, glass, crystal and ceramic materials
  • Optical measurement for 2D/3D geometry and optical performance
  • The design and application of optical thin films for (anti)reflective coatings and interference filters
  • Optics design
  • The assembly of optical systems including gluing and optical contacting
  • Processing and application of standard and special optical materials (glass, crystal, metal and plastic)

Production facilities

Besides research and advice, optical manufacturing is our primary task. In this manufacturing we make a distinction between spherical optics, aspherical optics and freeform optics. Depending on the form, size and material, the processing techniques are performed by:

  • Grinding and polishing machines for the production of spherical optics
  • The computer controlled polishing machine Zeeko IRP600 for corrective polishing of free forms
  • Precitech Nanoform 350 and 700 ultra-precision machines for diamond turning, milling and grinding of Al and Cu mirrors, mold parts and lenses out of plastic, germanium or MgF2 and CaF2 crystals
  • Optical metrology for the monitoring of surface roughness, form accuracy and optical imaging quality
  • Balzers PVD and IAD (Ion Assisted Deposition) equipment or the deposition of single- and multi-layer coatings

Optics Manufacturing produces multiple optical components, e.g.:

  • Lenses
  • Lens assemblies
  • Prisms
  • Filters
  • Diffusors
  • Beam splitters
  • Mirrors
  • Windows


Merijn Voets

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