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Ultra-precision diamond turning

TNO supports OEM businesses, system designers and suppliers of modules or components in the development and production of optical components, systems and instruments. We advise our customers on manufacturability and manufacture prototypes or small series optical components and assemblies. Our workshop features the most advanced precision diamond turning lathes for the turning of i.e. metal mirrors, plastic lenses or CaF2 optics.

In for example space research or lithography, high standards are set for the used optics. Optics Manufacturing focusses on research on and application of the newest production technologies. This way, we can offer sophisticated manufacturing solutions for the use of specifically designed components like aspheric and freeform optics. The combination with 3D measurement on NANOMEFOS enables us to achieve highly accurate surfaces. Optics Manufacturing. is your specialist in the field of ultra-precision diamond turning and precision grinding of spheric, aspheric and freeform optics on non-ferro metals, crystal, polymers and glass. At TNO the combination of research facilities, production, measurement technology, available professionalism and conditioned cleanrooms makes the difference in acquiring extremely high precision and low roughness.

Diamond turning technology

Optics Manufacturing. has the following technologies available: Precitech Nanoform 350, 2-axis

  • Maximum load Air Bearing Spindle of 57 kb
  • Maximum capacity on the spindle of up to 700 mm diameter
  • Slide path length 350 mm on the X-axis and 250 mm on the Z-axis
  • Resolution on positioning at picometer level
  • Product geometry measurement on the machine (Ultracomp)

Precitech Nanoform 700, 5-axis

  • Maximum load Air Bearing Spindle of 57 kg
  • Maximum capacity on the spindle of 700 mm diameter
  • Slide path length of 350 mm on the X-axis, 150 on the Y-axis and 300 mm on the Z-axis
  • Product geometry measurement on the machine (Ultracomp)

Advantages of diamond turning at TNO

Ultra-precision diamond turning at Optics Manufacturing offers unique possibilities:

  • Surface shape accuracy within 100 nm PV (depending on material and geometry)
  • Surface roughness
  • Expertise in the field of optical/mechanical design, manufacturing technology and metrology. This way TNO can guarantee a good translation of the optical design into the programming of the machine and accurate measurement of the optical surface
  • Absolute surface shape measurement with NANOMFOS of up to 500 mm diameter and with a measurement accuracy of
  • Highly skilled personnel for the production of custom made optical components
  • Improvement or development of precision production processes (turning and grinding)
  • Processing aspherical and freeform surfaces


Merijn Voets

  • optics
  • optics production engineering
  • optical manufacturing
  • optical measurements
  • optical coatings

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