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SeNaTe: Seven Nanometer Technology

The ECSEL JU project SeNaTe (Seven Nanometer Technology) is aimed at demonstrating 7nm IC technology integration in line with the industry needs and the ITRS roadmap. It comprises a lithographic platform for EUV and immersion technology, advanced process and holistic metrology platforms, new materials and mask infrastructure.

The SeNaTe project is thematically connected to earlier ENIAC JU KET pilot line projects associated with 450mm/300mm development for the 12nm and 10nm technology nodes. The consortium will develop a lithography scanner based on EUV technology to achieve the 7nm module patterning specification. Metrology platforms for N7’s 1D, 2D and 3D geometries will be qualified with the appropriate precision and accuracy. The introduction of new materials will bring challenges for all involved processes and related equipment sets. Next to new deposition processes, also the interaction of the involved materials with subsequent etch, clean and planarization steps will be studied. And finally, TNO and other major European stakeholders in EUV mask development will collaboratively work together on a number of key remaining EUV mask issues. The consortium comprises 39 members from 8 different European countries with SMEs and research institutes and also IDMs as end users.

Seven Nanometer Technology

The technical work is organized in five work packages. The objective of the first work package is to develop an EUV lithographic system that meets all technical and economical requirements for high volume manufacturing at the 7nm technology node. The second work package has the goal to develop and qualify the metrology tools needed and to develop and evaluate holistic metrology schemes. The third work package will develop several new etch, deposition and wet cleaning processes, which are needed for the technology demonstration of 7nm devices. The fourth work package will specifically focus on usage aspects of high-end EUV masks at the wafer fab. Partners will put infrastructure in place and tackle the remaining challenges related to EUV masks. The objective of the fifth work package is to assess the results of the other work packages on their capability to fulfill 7nm technology requirements in terms of performance, power, area and cost.

The role of TNO

A major topic is high-throughput Scanning Probe Microscopy.  TNO will develop an automated tip exchange mechanism, to increase reliability and up-time of the technique and make it more attractive for in-line measurements. Together with FEI, TNO will investigate carbon-based contamination in Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM). In another work package, TNO will build a new facility for studying EUV-induced contamination and degradation effects on masks. TNO will team up with ASML, Imec and AMTC to apply this EUV Beam Line (EBL2) in a mask degradation study. A last TNO activity is targeted at particle contamination on EUV masks. Together with partner ASYS, TNO will realize an ultraclean handling platform for masks. Integration of a new surface scanning tool (RapidNano4) will enable the measurement of extremely low particle numbers, down to a size of 20 nm. The new facility will be applied in a joint study with Imec and Entegris, targeted at particle adders during shipping and storage.

EBL2: TNO’s facility for exposing masks to EUV-radiation
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Dr. ir. Olaf Kievit

  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Contamination control
  • Lithography
  • Metrology
  • Horizon 2020


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