Quantum technologies will revolutionize several industrial areas in the coming decade. Along with the increasing private and public investments, the quantum technology market is flourishing.

What is quantum industry?

Quantum industry is an ecosystem of companies developing materials, equipment, instrument and tools, but also introducing to the global market quantum products and solutions that aim at a profound impact on modern society. TNO supports the development of quantum industry with testing facilities and engineering experience to help companies in overcoming the engineering challenges of quantum technologies. In particular, TNO provide 4 unique testing and prototyping facilities for commercial partners that want to develop quantum devices and systems.

Quantum Information Technology Testing facility (QITT)

A unique facility in Europe for the testing and validation of cryogenic quantum devices, quantum computing processors, passive and active electronic components, and other sub-systems of quantum computers based on cryogenic solid-state qubits. 
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Quantum Communication Test and Evaluation Lab

In this lab, TNO tests and validates optical subsystems for free-space Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). We cooperate with commercial parties that want to co-develop their systems and gain hands-on knowledge and experience in the implementation of QKD
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Diamond Characterization and Quantum Device Prototyping

TNO supports the prototype development of quantum devices and systems based on diamond from the characterization of the raw material, to the design and implementation of prototypes for different target applications.
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Quantum Sensing Testbed

A National facility supported by the National Agenda Quantum Technology to benchmark sensing and metrology instruments provided by industry and generate industrial use case using a variety of diamond spin-based quantum sensors.
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Our work

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