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Smart Industry stands for radical digitalisation, connecting products, machines and people, and the use of new production technology. This offers a lot of opportunity for existing and new companies in all sectors as well as being good for the competiveness of the Netherlands worldwide.

The optimisation of production through the application of ICT and new production technologies like 3D printing makes manufacturing more efficient, cheaper and boosts quality. Smarter machines, robots and other components of the production process communicate with each other and this optimises their cooperation, not only within companies but, and actually because of this, between different companies within the value chain.

Smart Industry enables new business to be created from large and diverse information streams on the basis of new, affective technologies like big data processing, the Internet of Things, new generation adaptive robots, 3D printing, nanotechnology and miniaturisation as well as new sensor technology.

The Netherlands has everything at its disposal to make Smart Industry a success. We have a powerful industrial base of large companies and SMEs. We have an excellent ICT infrastructure, good logistics, a well educated workforce and collaboration is part of our DNA. The development of new initiatives is thus encouraged by the creation of regional fieldlabs in which companies, educational and knowledge institutions collaborate.


To realise this FME, TNO, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, VNO-NCW, the Chamber of Commerce and the regional development agencies have joined forces to set up the Smart Industry Platform.


The aim is to get the Netherlands to a higher level as a modern industrial country by focusing on implementation and scaling up over the period 2018-2021.


Fieldlabs are real-life environments where companies and knowledge institutions develop, test and implement specific Smart Industry solutions as well as provide an environment in which people can learn to apply these solutions. There are currently 31 Smart Industry fieldlabs active.

More information concerning fieldlab requests and insight into existing fieldlabs can be found on the Smart Industry Platform.


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Winning the future with Smart Industry


Interested in finding out whether Smart Industry is something for your company and what the opportunities and possibilities are? The TNO Smart Industry Scan lets you know in 6 steps what your company stands to gain. Do the scan (Dutch only).



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