The performance of Micro Electronics is continuously being increased while the size of Micro Electronics, and/or the packages it is integrated with, is continuously being decreased.

The Challenge

Making high density, high performance and in some applications high power Micro Electronics possible, reliable and efficient.

The solution

Hundreds of times more cooling capacity in a fraction of the normally available space, integrated within the Micro Electronics itself.

TNO has developed and patented disruptive Micro-Fluidic 2 phase Cooling technology.

  • Ultra Thin cooling body (0,1mm+)
  • Extreme 500x heat transfer coefficient: >100 Watt/ cm2
  • Extreme Low flow rate (500x less)
  • Cooling body can be build-up on silicon wafer
  • Manufacturing possible by numerous cost efficient techniques

Application Areas

Data Centers

Micro Electronics integrated in servers boards of Data Center server racks.

TNO’s Direct to chip, or in chip, passive coldplate liquid cooling technology enables

  • Hyper scale data centers
  • Supercomputers/ High performance computing - HPC
  • Artificial intelligence - AI
  • High power server boards with GPUs & CPUs reaching thermal design powers TDPs of 400W and higher

High efficient micro channel chip cooling, reducing global data center energy consumption.

Electrical Vehicle – EV Power Electronics

All power electronics that are integrated in electrical cars. For example the power inverters, on board chargers (OBC), electrical drive motors, battery packs and battery cells/ stack.

TNO’s Micro-Fluidic 2 phase Cooling technology enables

  • In-situ, small scale inverter cooling
  • Micro channel cooled electric drive motors
  • Small scale, high efficient, on board charger systems
  • Light weight battery pack system with optimum cooling characteristics
  • Integration opportunities of all cooling circuits

Advanced Packaging of Micro Electronics & Photonics

All high density, high complex and in some applications high temperature micro electronics packaging.

TNO’s Micro-Fluidic 2 phase Cooling technology enables

  • In-package (PCB level) micro-fluidic cooling
  • Double sided micro-fluidic device cooling within packages
  • High temperature device hotspot prevention

Patrique Boerboom BSc

  • Semicon
  • High Tech Systems
  • ASMI
  • NXP
  • ALSI