Wafer Processing for 3D Chip Manufacturing

In three-dimensional chip manufacturing, TNO forms the bridge between the designs of device manufacturers and the capabilities of equipment developers. Our expertise in the field helps accelerate innovation and brings the latest technological advancements from concept to completion. We partner with both sides of the industry to help develop, test, and produce the most advanced 3D chips imaginable.

The recent surge in Smartphone production is the primary source of the industry demand. Advances in technology require faster, better performing chips that consume less energy. The solution lies in 3D chip manufacturing (also referred to as heterogeneous integration or 3D stacking). TNO's work in Wafer Processing ensures that as device manufacturers develop better and better technology, the equipment required to produce it grows right along. Our experience and expertise is the connecting factor needed to keep up with the ever-increasing demands for innovation. In most projects, the innovative power of TNO is mobilised to accelerate the development of a partner's equipment or devices. But when applicable, TNO introduces a completely new process, including the accompanying equipment.

Focusing on expertise

There are many areas that can be improved to achieve lower costs, higher yield, or better performance. By concentrating on a select few, TNO offers high-quality, reliable solutions that move the industry forward. Those concentration areas include:

  • Pick and Place: TNO develops technology for speedier, more precise equipment with reduced impact, using innovations like advanced megatronics and highly precise and fast vision systems.
  • Dicing: Our methods for (laser-based) Stealth Dicing ensure the lowest levels of damage and contamination.
  • Reliability Testing: TNO can simulate and calculate thermal loads in new chip designs to ensure its reliability and strength.
  • Deposition and Etching: Our expertise in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) ensure the most accurate deposit or removal of material.
  • Radar chip design: TNO is a leading company in chip design for front-end radar applications.

The bridge between

Device manufacturers develop unique, complex concepts that will revolutionise their industry. But without the equipment needed to produce those concepts, the designs have little value. Equipment vendors have to keep up with the high pace of device innovations, but within small windows on equipment costs and time-to-market. TNO forms the connection between these critical production points and takes innovation from the drawing board to the production line We work with both sides of the industry to troubleshoot in the design phase, test in the concept phase, assist in the production phase and achieve the reality. In this way, TNO applies its expertise in this highly competitive field by concentrating our contribution on the areas in which we excel, and sharing our extensive knowledge and experience with the companies – both large and small – that are revolutionising the industry.


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