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Quantum Computing and Secure Quantum Internet

Quantum technologies may enable unprecedented computing power which can have enormous impact on the Grand Challenges. We bring scientist and engineers together in one unique center to discover how entanglement and superposition can be applied. We aim for an eco-system of partners to develop Quantum Computing, Secure Quantum Internet, and cross-over to other industries.

Quantum mechanics is the theory to describe the (interaction between) elementary particles. Academic research has confirmed the validity of this intriguing theory as well as many of its counterintuitive aspects. But only due to recent breakthroughs is it possible to demonstrate important quantum mechanical concepts on systems large enough to be visible to humans. The concepts of ‘superposition’ and ‘entanglement’ could now be used in a controlled way, and thereby open the path to applications like the most powerful computer ever imagined, the Quantum Computer, and communication which is inherently safe for eavesdropping, called Secure Quantum Internet. Or as the Nobel Prize Committee formulated it in 2013: “Perhaps the quantum computer will change our everyday lives in this century in the same radical way as the classical computer did in the last century.”

Why is QuTech unique?

Our activities are based on the world class scientific research of the Technical University of Delft. In-house experience with four types of solid state qubits in combination with TNO's experience in multi-disciplinary engineering enables us to investigate the scalability of quantum technologies towards Quantum Computing and Secure Quantum Internet. With scientists and engineers from multiple disciplines within one center we train the first generation of engineers experienced with concepts like entanglement, superposition, and teleportation. This shall not only accelerate the research, but also speed up innovation by selecting scalable technologies from the start, and bring quantum technologies to industry as fast as possible.

Co-operation with other parties

Interested parties are explicitly invited to contact us to discuss potential co-operations. We envision an ecosystem of participating partners to enable not only the development of the Quantum Computer and Secure Quantum Internet at a higher pace than feasible with internal resources only, but also related quantum technologies. We already work together with other institutes and companies; some in the field of quantum computing or secure quantum intenet, others in the field of one or a few key enabling technologies like nano-fabrication, low-discipating or low-temperature electronics, cryogenic technologies, microwave technologies, quantum simulations and theory, material science, optics, encryption, computing algorithms, etc. Besides quantum engineering towards a new industry we foresee significant knowledge transfer towards existing industries.


Dr. Rogier Verberk

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