Mission-critical components

TNO - along with its national and international partners - has an international reputation as a top developer for scientific (space) research instruments and sensors for satellites. Tens of orbiting satellites are equipped with on-board systems developed, built and tested by TNO.

Since 1975, our sun sensors have successfully guided telecom, Earth observation and science satellites. TNO creates advanced electronics and antennas to support the miniaturisation of transmit/receive modules for satellites. TNO has vast experience in rocket propulsion and our space-qualified cool gas generators produce pure gas by decomposing a solid propellant in order to generate gas.


GAIA creates amazing 1.7 billion stars 3D map

26 April 2018
Gaia second data release has arrived and the results are quite impressive. Gaia was launched by ESA on 19 December 2013, sent to space to map the Milky Way in 3D, while collecting data on the composition... Read more

The Netherlands builds support structure for the world’s largest telescope

19 April 2018
VDL ETG Projects, part of VDL Groep, will build the support structure for the main mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) of ESO (European Southern Observatory) in northern Chile. The design was... Read more

Space & Scientific Instrumentation


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