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Quantitative sustainability assessment for industry

Sustainability is increasingly important as distinguishing factor for industry and consumers. Therfore, it is essential to quantitatively determine the environmental performance of products and processes in an early stage. TNO has over 30 years of experience developing scientific methods and innovation models concerning sustainability for industrial partners, governments and industry associations.

Environmental cost of fossil fuels and biofuels

Industry is constantly searching for products and concepts with improved performance, safety and quality. For these innovative products, sustainability is a relevant aspect as well. Early in this development process many companies are in need of reliable information:

  • How sustainable is this product compared to its alternatives?
  • How well do we perform compared to competitors?
  • Do our processes satisfy the sustainability demands of our clients and customers?

Climate, Air and Sustainability

Translating knowledge of emissions and air quality into solutions for environmental issues: this is the area of expertise of Climate, Air & Sustainability (CAS). In doing so, we take into account... Read more



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