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Sustainability hotspot scan: sustainability opportunities and risks for the chemical value chain

On behalf of CSR the Netherlands (MVO Nederland) TNO has developed a roadmap to reveal the transparency and sustainability ambitions of leading SMEs in their international CSR (I-MVO) chemical network. The first step in this roadmap is the development of Sustainability Hotspot Scan that allows SMEs with little data to estimate the sustainability in their value chain. In addition, a number of routes have been paved to realise these ambitions.

As mentioned, the first step in this is the Sustainability Hotspot Scan co-developed by TNO with CSR the Netherlands, a group of SMEs and the RIVM. The Sustainability Hotspot Scan helps companies determine the sustainability opportunities and risks in the value chain of chemical products without the need for much data. The hotspot scan is an initial step towards cooperation between the chain partners and greater transparency about the real costs (including environmental and social costs) in the chemical chain. Subsequent steps are set out in the roadmap.

Why this tool?

For SMEs within the chemical sector sustainability is a driver, one that is increasingly a requirement. But where do you begin? Where do the opportunities lie? And what are the risks? For this tool, first an analysis of the methods already available to SMEs revealed that most of these methods are too time-consuming, too expensive or not tangible enough for SMEs. Large chemical companies are often able to develop their own methods. This is not so easy for SMEs. Knowing this, and on the basis of a number of manuals for sustainability assessment, the hotspot scan was developed specifically for SMEs.

Towards a sustainable and transparent chemistry

This hotspot scan is the first step towards enabling the I-MVO chemistry network to achieve the ambitions of its frontrunners:
1. in 2040 the real lifecycle costs of products and investments (including social and environmental costs) will be incorporated
2. in 2040 the international chain of companies will be fully transparent concerning sustainability issues.

TNO has developed a roadmap that outlines how this ambition can be achieved and which stakeholders are involved. This roadmap has been developed on the basis of a workshop and interviews with different stakeholders within the chemical sector.

Next phase

SMEs can scan the sustainability opportunities and risks of the company by downloading the Sustainability Hotspot Scan. The results of the scan can be used to gain a better picture of the sustainability opportunities and risks, and decide on subsequent measures. TNO can be contacted to provide assistance in determining these measures.

Download the sustainability hotspotscan

Fill in your details and scan the sustainability opportunities and risks

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