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Model Predictive Control

Chemical processing requires effective controls. Process Intensification and modular chemical plants present unique challenges, as unit operations are combined, scaled and modified for a company's changing needs. The more flexible and accurate a control system can be, the more effectively chemical processes can be operated.

The move from batch to continuous processing, and the combination of processing steps, make traditional control methods less effective, or even unfeasible. Identifying disturbances in the process and being able to forecast their consequences has become more important than ever. TNO has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate an entire processing system, from raw materials to finished product. With MPC and our expertise in optimisation, we can identify areas for improvement and achieve the ambitions of chemical companies. As system control and optimisation go hand-in-hand, TNO can help increase efficiency, reduce consumption, increase yields or achieve other targeted improvements, often with significant impact on overall production efficiency.

For now, for the future

With TNO's expert advice, companies can address challenges in their existing systems, or identify challenges in proposed new systems. TNO helps companies advance further and faster in their ambitions for production optimisation. With MPC, we can identify bottlenecks, make effective predictions about outcomes and address key issues. For example, TNO worked with an industry leader in cement production to address concerns about Nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions. Together with our partners and our expertise in MPC, we were able to reduce NOX emissions by around 40% - a tremendous achievement. Our thorough and effective review and consultation process allowed the company to achieve and exceed its emission reduction ambitions.

Moving with the industry

Today's chemical processing plants must be flexible, accommodating and sophisticated. Accurate controls for every possible processing circumstance must always be in place. Fast dynamics and integrated processing steps require sophisticated control technologies. As capacity and production requirements change, TNO helps systems to change with them, by applying effective Model Predictive Control throughout the entire process.

TNO works directly with chemical companies to identify challenges and modify and optimise systems to ensure desired output, reduced cost or emissions, and optimised production. In addition, we seek to initiate Shared Research Programmes, which will further accelerate innovation and provide industry-wide solutions.

Néstor González Díez, MSc


Néstor González Díez, MSc

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