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Provide! is the Process Intensification Development Centre in which TNO, academia, the chemical industry and equipment companies work together to develop, implement and promote innovative technology for process intensification (PI) in the production of chemicals. Our vision: chemical plants that will be sustainable, integrated, modular, highly efficient, decentralised and continuous.

Process intensification promises to be one of the best ways to achieve sustainability in the chemical industry, but very few PI technologies have been proven beyond pilot scale. However, PI has major advantages, including lower cost in the long term and, above all, sustainability. In fine chemicals, for instance, the use of flexible and multipurpose continuous flow reactors significantly reduces the time-to-market, an essential feature of tomorrow's pharmaceutical market. That is why TNO initiated Provide!.

The chemical companies within Provide! supply real process cases that are matched with the equipment and expertise developed by the equipment companies. This process is facilitated by TNO, with its overview of the field, the network and the knowledge of all the relevant technologies. If a technology works, we will build it to 1-10 per cent of full scale to demonstrate that our solutions will also work at the relevant industrial scale. Provide! has already led to highly promising results in three fields: continuous reactor technology, inline analysis and membrane contactor technology. Perfect solutions for the compact chemical plant of the future.

Provide! is all about shared R&D. Sharing knowledge, investment and risk. Provide! is a partnership between the chemical industry, equipment companies, academia and TNO to create synergy and accelerate innovation based on in-depth knowledge and extensive technical facilities. Membership options include general membership or project participant.

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Martijn de Graaff MSc

  • chemical
  • formulation
  • separation
  • process
  • modular


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