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Small-scale Distillation

In fine chemicals processing, companies face challenges in finding effective methods of intensified separation. TNO is constantly expanding its knowledge in the various types of continuous separation to keep the industry moving forward. Continuous small-scale distillation is a novel application area for one of the workhorses for separation.

Flash evaporation is one of the techniques on which TNO bases the development of separation methods for companies that want to make the step towards continuous reactions. Fine chemicals manufacturers can choose from a variety of methods for intensified separation techniques when using continuous reactor production methods. TNO is developing techniques for separation via evaporation and distillation; these techniques make use of previously developed technologies for small-scale steam generators, which have been converted into small-scale distillation solutions for the chemical industry. By applying our existing knowledge in new and innovative ways, TNO continues to expand its domain knowledge and can offer the chemical industry the specific tools they need for the most effective processes. When chemical compositions call for evaporation techniques, our patented heating plate provides the key to effective small-scale distillation.

Targeted focus

TNO focuses on methods that shorten processing time, are highly selective, flexible with respect to capacity and can be used for multiple products. At the same time, we strive to reduce both hazards and investment costs in chemical processing. We work with chemical producers to develop solutions that are safe, reliable and cost-efficient. TNO has developed a number of examples and showcases to illustrate the effectiveness and efficiency of continuous small-scale distillation, and in particular, flash evaporation. Among these are stripping of gasses, solvent switch and fractionation. These showcases are available for review to prove the technological validity of the models.

Successful partnerships

TNO is engaging in partnerships with chemical manufacturers in order to explore the possibilities of small-scale distillation. TNO offers unique expertise and experience in flash evaporation as another alternative in intensified separation techniques. Companies interested in innovating on their projects are invited to get in contact with TNO. Thanks to our expertise in the field of small-scale distillation, we can help resolve challenges within the chemical industry.

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