Space Science

Technologies for space missions and ground-based astronomy demand the utmost opto-mechanical precision and stability. TNO delivers breakthrough opto-mechanical technologies that contribute to finding answers to the 'Cosmic Vision' questions.

TNO's multi-disciplinary design process means that our instruments can reflect extreme specifications imposed by hostile operating environments and ultra-high accuracy and stability.


Metrology developed by TNO crucial in 1st data release of Gaia satellite

14 September 2016
On September 14th, ESA will release data that has been obtained during two years of the Gaia-mission. The goal of this mission is to compose a three dimensional map of our Galaxy containing information... Read more

First Light for the Four Laser Guide Star Facility on ESO's Very Large Telescope

28 April 2016
On April 26, 2016, ESO's Paranal Observatory in Chile hosted an event to mark the first light for the four powerful lasers that form a crucial part of the adaptive optics systems on ESO's Very Large Telescope.... Read more

Successful 2nd Sino-Holland Conference

17 December 2015
The 2nd Sino-Holland Conference on Remote Sensing Instrument and Applications for Air Quality and Climate Monitoring was held on November 24th and November 25th in Nootdorp, The Netherlands. The conference... Read more

Space & Scientific Instrumentation

mr. Matthew Maniscalco MSc, JD, LLM


mr. Matthew Maniscalco MSc, JD, LLM


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