Embedded Systems Innovation (ESI)

TNO-ESI is a research group that focuses on design and engineering of high-tech embedded systems. Its extensive research programme aims to advance high-tech industry in improving lead-time and effectiveness of their product innovation process, as well as the functionality and quality of their products. In addition, TNO-ESI provides specific programmes for innovation support and competence development of system architects.

The TNO-ESI strategic research programme focuses on the development of latest techniques for design and engineering of high-tech (embedded) systems in a rapidly changing technology environment. It focuses on four key lines of innovation: ‘system performance’, ‘system quality and reliability’, ‘future-proof systems’ and ‘systems-in-context’. The dedicated TNO-ESI competence development programme supports system architects and industrial engineers to advance their professional skills.

In the TNO-ESI research programme, multi-disciplinary teams of experts of renowned (multi)national high-tech enterprises, SMEs, and leading academic research groups work together on the latest technologies and innovations. This allows fundamental research results to be directly linked to industrial application. The TNO-ESI network represents a unique platform for open innovation that facilitates research cooperation and knowledge exchange across stakeholders.

Expertise groups