Scalable IT Systems: Raising efficiency with large-scale sensor networks or IoT and big data

With the aid of smart sensors all kinds of measurements can be taken of production processes in real time, as well as, for example, of dikes, or underground pipelines. This data can be used to optimise processes, make maintenance easier and prevent disasters. By using its extensive knowledge of sensor networks in combination with process and domain knowledge, TNO can help when sensor systems are being devised and developed.

We work on applying IT systems and developing large-scale sensor systems or the Internet of Things (IoT). We apply our expertise broadly, for example, in manufacturing and the agrofood sector. “We go in search of complex and problematic environments and issues to which we can apply our knowledge. We help companies make their process more efficient through the use of innovative sensor systems. Thanks to the data recorded with the sensors and models produced, all the necessary information is to hand so the right decisions can be taken at the right time,” explains Evert van den Akker, business developer Scalable IT systems.

IJkdijk & smart dairy farming

An example of a project is IJkdijk. This is one of the first projects where all kinds of measurements and analyses can be done remotely thanks to sensor technology, in this case involving dikes. TNO is the instigator and co-founder of FloodControl IJkdijk together with partners Deltares, STOWA and the NOM. The aim is to investigate the scope for monitoring dikes using sensors, with the ultimate aim of  producing a system for digital  dike monitoring. A number of working dikes have already been equipped with these sensors.

Another domain in which our sensor application is being used is the dairy cattle sector. Within the Smart Dairy Farming project, real-time sensor measurements used in combination with analysis have increased sustainability and efficiency. Accurate measurements are taken of what is necessary to enable the optimal growth of cows, keep them healthy and keep them producing milk. Cooperating within this project are various partners in the dairy chain, with the joint aim of creating value based on shared big data information.

Multidisciplinary approach

TNO provides within the various projects a range of expertise in the fields of  IT, big data, IoT, business models and organisational change and plays an essential role in bringing together partners within ecosystems. Moreover, any domain knowledge that is required can be sought within or beyond TNO. We investigate how our customers work, develop appropriate systems and also guide the implementation so that the new way of working proceeds smoothly in practice. We continue to develop our expertise to ensure that we continue to stay ahead of the market.

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Efficiency, effectiveness, quality and the costs of systems

Evert van den Akker MBA