In the coming years the market of Sports and Media Technology will grow explosively. Now Consumers are already having (video) content anytime, anywhere on their mobile phone. Today mainly in professional sports, video analysis in combination with tooling and wearable sensors (RFID, accelerometers, GPS, etc.) are used for training purposes.

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The use of relatively inexpensive camera and communications hardware combined with advanced video technology creates the opportunity for amateur clubs, universities, high schools and others, to stream unique highlights of a match to local trainers and fans real-time.

Together with national and international start-ups, media companies and research institutes, TNO has developed a number of leading edge technologies, which will become accessible in the next few years to millions of consumers. TNO contributes in that respect to a rapidly changing society in which sport and exercise are more important.

The technology focuses on the media industry, including companies covering live events, broadcasters wishing to distribute content across multiple channels and advertisers who need to have unique content to serve their audiences. The technology is being developed by TNO experts in the field of video analysis, data science and media- end sensor data distribution. These experts research and develop applications for various market areas such as Safety & Security and Sports & Media. Focus areas are:

  • tracking players based on low-cost hardware
  • use of user generated content
  • streaming the best Video quality available
  • recognising situations and persons with very high accuracy
  • machine learning to recognise patterns faster

Sport Studio Automated; Opportunity for clubs, sport federations and the advertisement industry to distribute automatically match highlights from local sport events by use of leading edge image- and pattern detection software at low prices. The Virtual Director; Opportunity for broadcasters and event organizers to have a fully automated application where the software automatically follows (pan, tilt and zoom) that part of a live event that is most interesting to viewers.

TNO’s Virtual Director and Sport Studio Automated technology is based on more than 50 years of research in intelligent imaging algorithms and was developed by winners of the DARPA contest. Together with our partners, we are developing this technology for operational software to be used by consumers and content distributers.

Tiled Streaming; the opportunity for end-users to interact real-time through high resolution Video. Together with our partners Microsoft, the Amsterdam ArenA, KPN, Inmotio and GameOn, we produced an interactive live soccer match with real-time data based on heartbeat, speed, and distance.

TNO’s Tiled Streaming technology was developed within the research team Networks by the best media and video experts in the world, delivering unique software applications to media technology companies globally.


Ir. Paul van den Haak

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