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Intelligent web environment for Comhan Holland

The ICT Challenge is an innovative approach whereby TNO makes it knowledge available and applicable for organisations. A problem is presented to a team of three experts from different disciplines. The team then has one week in which to come up with a practical solution or, at the very least, a solution direction. The result usually takes the form of a working demonstration, or an analysis and advice.

Comhan Holland, a distributor of aluminium and stainless steel components, is one of the companies that benefited from this innovative method last year. Hennie van Rijk, Export Manager at Comhan Holland, talks about the co-operation with TNO. The innovation team from TNO designed an intelligent web environment to deliver a faster and more efficient service to Comhan branches, agencies and customers worldwide. Customers can place their orders via a portal, and a specially designed interface links the order information to all the relevant company processes and systems (e.g. stock control, customer relationship management, sales).

Comhan is one of the many companies that keep up with telecom and ICT advances, but are not sure which technologies and applications are best suited to their needs. The key is to link their existing technologies and business processes in an intelligent way. Click here for more information on Comhan Holland.Click here if you would like to find out more about the TNO Challenge.

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