TNO is performing a study for the European Commision to bring together semantics and data from smart appliances in buildings and households. These smart appliances all communicate in a different manor and the information they exchange differs. TNO brings the information together in one common ontology that can be used to match the data. The ontology created will fit into the ETSI M2M architecture.

ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standard Institute, standardized the machine-to-machine (M2M) architecture. This architecture describes in which way and how machines interact with one another. On this page you can read all about the process, the status, the deliverables and the reviewing process of the deliverables of this project.
The project will start with taking stock of existing semantic assets and use case assets, this work will be completed by the end of April 2014.
In the second phase of the project we will work on performing translation exercise of each model (or use case) to a common ontology language and a mapping or matching exercise between all the models. We will do this work in an iterative approach, constantly updating the common ontology based on the modes we are translation.
In the third phase TNO will propose a common ontology and document the ontology into the ETSI M2M architecture.

Project deliverables and reviewing

The project will define four major deliverables, each of which will first be reviewed by the project Advisory board and will then be published online, open to the public for reviewing and comments.
The project will define the following deliverables:

  • First Interim study report, which will cover the stocktaking of existing semantic assets and use case assets (May 2014)
  • Second Interim study report, which will cover a translation to OWL and a mapping between the various models found in the semantic and use case assets (August 2014)
  • Third Interim study report, which will cover the definition of the smart appliances unified ontology and a description of this ontology within the ETSI M2M architecture (December 2014)
  • Final Study report, which will include all the results described in the previous reports as well as an executive summary (March 2015)

More information

More information on the deliverables of the project and the documentation from the workshops can be found on:


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