TNO makes sure that applied games do their work

In an applied game, users learn as they play, but it is important that applied games do what they were designed to do. In the Value Center for Applied Games (VCAG), TNO brings together suppliers and users so that they can collaborate on breakthroughs and the validation of applied games, thereby transforming games for entertainment into effective learning resources.

The gaming industry in the Netherlands is creative and successful. For gamers who are looking for fun and enjoyment, there is certainly no shortage of this in the entertainment games produced here. A growing number of gaming companies are active in the field of applied games. These games have different requirements in terms of design. Whatever the purpose of a game – training, education, behavioural influence, empowerment, or decision-making on complex issues – the designer must make sure its design and content are 'fit for purpose' and that is has been proven effective.

Solving issues

TNO has developed the knowledge required to make applied games into effective learning resources and into instruments that can have a permanent influence on behaviour. This knowledge is important not only for game developers, but also for users and even for society as a whole, because applied games can help to solve complex social issues.

Value center for applied games

TNO wants to work with developers, knowledge institutes and users to continue improving applied games. In order to do this, TNO has taken the initiative to set up the Value Center for Applied Games (VCAG), an open platform where demand (from application domains) meets supply (from the gaming industry). The VCAG is working on breakthroughs in applied games and ensures that games do what they are designed to do.

Frank van Aken, initiator of the VCAG: "TNO contributes innovative knowledge of design principles, the application of evidence-based modelling and the validation of applied games. But the Center can only be a real success if we attract as many participants as possible from all domains. I would therefore like to invite them to contact us. Do you think an applied game could solve your problem? Would you like to gain new knowledge and insights? Click here to see how you can work with TNO."


Ing. Dennis Coetsier


Ing. Dennis Coetsier



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