Vital ICT infrastructures

ICT infrastructures are continually evolving. New technological advances are applied, users' wishes change, as do the circumstances in which the infrastructures are used. A vital ICT infrastructure can accommodate all these changes.

The number of systems, devices and applications that communicate with each other is increasing exponentially. Almost every sector, from banking and energy companies to the process industry, depends on them. They need to be secure and permanently available. The result is an extremely complex structure that no one can oversee any longer. TNO specialises in complex issues and has knowledge of the latest technological advances. That is why we work for and with the private and public sectors, both within and outside the Netherlands, on ICT infrastructures that are future-ready, reliable, secure and sustainable.

We create new concepts that link networks and systems to ensure they provide the required functionality today and in the future. We develop methods for optimising their quality, continuity and security. As an independent knowledge institution, TNO has contact with the providers of networks and systems as well as the companies that use them. Our expertise enables us to make connections that individual parties don't see, and facilitate collaboration between parties that leads to surprising innovations. We conduct future studies and are active in the relevant organisations that create new worldwide technological standards. We share our knowledge with the major network builders and operators in order to optimise networks and systems.


TNO’er honoured internationally for his contribution to the reliability and optimisation of telecom networks

14 September 2017
On 7 September TNO’er Hans van den Berg received the Arne Jensen Lifetime Achievement Award. Read more

Internet stability not jeopardised by expanding domain name extensions

02 August 2017
The recent introduction of some 1,100 new generic top-level domain (gTLDs) like .google and .amsterdam has not degraded the stability and security of the root-DNS system. In the international internet... Read more



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