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Many industry sectors think about and take steps in sharing data in the chain. Cooperation with fellow companies can lead to new markets, efficiency and cost savings. Data models offer a solution here: agreements about which data may be shared between parties and how this may be done. TNO has taken these models to a higher level by making them easily accessible.

Need for support

In many branches of industry we identify the need for support for the responsible sharing of data in such a way that companies can manage it quickly and easily, developing a platform to support the design of agreement systems. Semantic Treehouse is now used by various organisations, also for e-procurement.


Semantic Treehouse is a web application for developing, sharing and managing data models. Users always have an overview because code lists, change requests, decisions and questions are linked to the data model. All aspects of the administrative process, with all interrelationships, are recorWe are keen to talk to parties who wants to bring the technology to the market.ded in the model.

Crucial support

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms, decision-making is becoming more and more automated. Decisions are increasingly based on big data. Joint agreements between companies within sectors or systems within multinationals about the meaning of the underlying data are therefore important. Semantic Treehouse offers crucial support for the design of agreement systems. The product also has potential outside the Netherlands, given the international nature of standardisation.

First users

In the Netherlands, some large organisations in this field are now using Semantic Treehouse. These are the Foundation for Electronic Transactions in the Staffing Industry (SETU), the Standardisation Platform for eInvoicing and Smart Connected Supplier Network, an initiative in the high-tech manufacturing industry. The Simpler Invoicing Foundation and the Uniform Transport Code Foundation (SUTC) also use this product.

We are keen to talk to parties who wants to bring the technology to the market.

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