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The entirely self-driving car is an intriguing scenario, on the basis of which car manufacturers are building increasing numbers of functions into their cars that assist drivers by taking over certain tasks. It is already almost normal that a car will maintain a certain distance from the vehicle in front by braking or accelerating. But how safe are all the automatic functions being planned for the future, and how are legislators to assess this safety? TNO has developed a methodology, baptized Streetwise, to help solve this problem.
Self-driving cars are being developed to make traffic safer in the long term. They may also reduce congestion, save fuel, reduce toxic substance emissions and improve driver comfort.

Scenario database

TNO has already been working on self-driving cars and ‘connected automated driving’ for more than a decade, in close global cooperation with car manufacturers and suppliers. It has developed a unique scenario database of the traffic situations that can occur on public roads, allowing developers to simulate, test and validate their applications and functions. Conventional test methods do not suffice for testing the safety of automatic driving.

Internationally endorsed

Legislators, approval authorities such as vehicle registration authorities and the car industry are constantly looking for the best approach to assess the safety of a new automatic function, as they have to decide whether it is ready for use in real traffic on public roads. This also makes it important to arrive at international agreements that are endorsed by governments and companies. TNO is delivering considerable knowledge and expertise with which to harmonize the testing and approval of such vehicles on public roads.

Accelerating the roll-out of automatic driving

As an independent party, TNO has brought the development of the StreetWise methodology for testing and validating vehicles and functions, using its scientific knowledge and extensive research facilities, to full maturity. TNO is ready to make this methodology market-ready in collaboration with a party such as an ICT company, automotive service provider or start-up to market the StreetWise service together with TNO and to continue its development. This will accelerate the approval and roll-out of safe automatic vehicles and functions.

TNO looks forward to talking with entrepreneurs interested in marketing the StreetWise methodology and tooling, with the scientific support of our experts.


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