It takes about a decade to develop a new drug and costs many billions. Often only to find during the last phase of clinical trials that the active ingredients are not sufficiently effective or have undesirable side effects. This destroys capital. TNO has developed TargetTri, a platform that identifies and assesses the risks of undesirable side effects early in the drug development process. This significantly reduces the chance of failure.

Early insightM

When developing a new drug, pharmaceutical companies need to gain insight into possible side effects early on. The web-based platform meets this need. The drug development process starts with the identification of a drug target. This is the protein in the human body targeted by the drug to inhibit the progress of a disease or stimulate other biological processes.

Ability to interpret data

TNO has been producing Target Safety Assessments (TSA) for some time. These reports identify the safety risks of new drug targets based on the literature and other publicly available data and enable evaluation of side-effect risks. We have now perfected this process. Our ability to gather relevant data from multiple sources and interpret it allows us to produce a well-founded analysis. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning play an essential role in this process.

Wide-ranging expertise

The range of expertise brought together by TNO makes the TargetTri platform unique. We use text and data mining to gather, extrapolate and structure the right information. Our toxicologists are aware of the latest scientific developments and relevant sources. We use systems biology to study interactions between proteins and their effects. The field of computational chemistry makes important contributions in this regard as well.

More efficient, efficacious and cost-effective

By elucidating the analysis of possible side effects, TargetTri makes the so-called drug discovery pipeline far more efficient, efficacious and cost-effective. Pharmaceutical companies gain insight into the mechanisms of effectiveness and risks of the selected drug targets from the very start of the drug development process. Diverse pharmaceutical helped develop TargetTri and now use it in their research.

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