Conquering the international building and construction market with TNO tools

The Dutch building and construction sector is at the forefront of the use of 'Building Information Modelling' (BIM), which focuses on working with data and computer models. By using this method in the right way, the building process becomes more efficient and cheaper, and the buildings are of better quality and sustainable. Building and construction abroad appear to have a great need for this. BIM Toolset BV, a spin-off of TNO, is therefore entering the international market.

Practical tools

TNO was at the cradle of BIM and is an international leader in the field of data, technology and applications in the building and construction sector. Various practical tools have been built within BIM, enabling companies to improve their processes and to collaborate more effectively with partners in large projects. One of these is the BIM Quickscan which provides companies with insight into how they can best use the Quickscan for which purposes.

Combine and simulate

The Dutch building and construction sector, from architects to building and construction companies and suppliers, has succeeded in the past decade in gaining a leading international position when it comes to working with data. BIM enables all conceivable data about the building to be processed in computer models: the design with all details, planning, materials used, cost calculation and more. Different datasets can be combined, display and editing in both 2D and 3D is possible and many variants can be simulated.

International market

After developing these instruments that have proven their added value in practice, it is up to BIM Toolset to get them in the market and thus promote innovations in the building and construction sector in Europe and beyond. For each country, this will be done via certified advisors who serve the local market.