Within a year or two, it should be possible to buy devices for storing heat at home via PV on the roof, reducing a household’s gas consumption by about 30%. A stainless steel vessel the size of a small fridge that keeps hot water at the right temperature for weeks at a time, without loss. They’re quick and easy to install, and pay for themselves in a few years

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Company Newton Energy Solutions

The storage device is the result of technology developed at TNO and realised in collaboration with industry. It’s a welcome addition to the mix of renewable energy sources, measures, and technologies needed to achieve the climate targets. Researchers from TNO founded the company Newton Energy Solutions that will produce and market the device. The intellectual property has been transferred to the company and TNO is a co-shareholder.

Affordable for everyone

The goal of Newton Energy Solutions is to contribute to creating a sustainable future with the help of a home storage solution that’s available and affordable to all. The storage system is relatively small and, apart from in homes, it can also be used for hot water and some heating of buildings such as hotels, gyms or offices. It has now been tested under realistic conditions in the lab and will soon be tested in private homes.

Ideal solution

The storage system is an ideal solution for homes or buildings with solar panels. The energy generated on the roof can be used not only for electricity, but also for heating the water in the vessel. Because it maintains its temperature for weeks, it’s an almost permanent source of hot water and heating. Only on cold days will it be necessary to switch on a boiler or heat pump as back-up. This not only saves the user a significant percentage of energy consumed, but also provides a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions. Large-scale application of this solution will also help prevent the electricity grid from being overloaded.

Helping accelerate the energy transition

With over 1.5 million solar PV systems installed in the Netherlands, the storage device is perfectly suited for connection to such systems. But it’s just as suitable for use with conventional central heating boilers. The costs amount to a few thousand euros, which can be recouped quite rapidly, and the device can be quickly installed. The system is also inherently safe. Newton Energy Solutions hopes to have several thousand systems on the market by 2023. This could dramatically accelerate the energy transition at relatively low cost.

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