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Over the past decade TNO has built up a great deal of knowledge about pattern recognition. This involves being able to detect people and their movements on video images. This technology can be used in many sectors, such as sports and media. This application is now available, via companies such as GameOn, Usportfor and Livearena, for both amateur- and professional sports clubs, and corporates like TNO. The AI application automatically record live events with high-quality video, which after that can be streamed to every user.
Based on the success of this technology and the market demand, TNO and two employees started a spin-off company called Studio Automated. The market potential of AI video analytics and low-cost video production of live events is enormous for sports and media alone, but the technology can also be used in other areas such as safety & health or logistics. One example is the detection of patterns for the timely recognition of suspicious behaviour or undesirable situations.

Earn money as a club

Through deep learning the system works like an automatic cameraman that recognises game situations and people with very high accuracy. Although the broadcasts are of HD quality, they can also be streamed to PCs, tablets and smartphones via existing fixed and mobile networks. The sports club can also sell them to local shopkeepers who could display them on a screen in the shop. Match fragments can also be offered via social media such as Facebook or Twitter. By tapping into new channels, the club can recoup the purchase price in the foreseeable future.

High quality, affordable price

What makes it unique in the market, is the combination of affordable pricing, offering high image quality, fairly easy to handle and the fact that the application runs on a normal PC despite the very heavy application. The package (delivered by partners) consists of a camera and a PC running the Studio Automated software for image and pattern recognition, and a media server to stream the video to users. The camera automatically moves with the game and films the entire field, follows a player and recording highlights. In addition to streaming images, the recordings are also used as video analysis for training purposes by amateur clubs and professional clubs like Ajax. Being able to classify certain game situations and control them in real time, makes Studio Automated now one of the most leading edge software companies in the video analytics market.


Ir. Paul van den Haak

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