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TrustTester: key to online privacy and new forms of digital services

Validating information in business transactions without actually providing or storing data is the added value of TrustTester. This unique service combines a TNO patented algorithm with an appointment system that together enable organisations to rely on the accuracy of information a person enters in an online process or in the Blockchain.

With TrustTester, organisations realise efficiency benefits in their offline processes while maintaining individuals' privacy.


Monitoring process

In all kinds of online processes, reliable information is necessary. If an organisation wants to know whether a person earns enough, it is not allowed to ask the employer directly. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, the request always goes through the person. However, because the person could commit fraud, the information provided online loses its value, which means that an organisation has to commit employees to a time-consuming and expensive monitoring process.

Digital stamp

In fact, the receiving organisations are not concerned with the information itself, they only want to know whether the information provided is correct; a certified 'correct' is sufficient. TrustTester provides the 'correct' information by validating the information provided online, giving this information a digital value attribute on which the recipient can rely one hundred percent.

Patented technology

In practice, TrustTester is similar to iDEAL, where the user authenticates himself by entering information online. Then, using the patented secure data comparing protocol, the correctness of the information provided online is digitally checked. The receiving organisation knows whether it is valid or not.

Added value

TrustTester Solutions b.v. would like you to experience the advantages of TrustTester for your organisation in a PoC. This gives you insight into the efficiency improvements you can achieve in your processes and which new services you can offer to your customers as a result. TrustTester can be applied in both B2C and B2B environments. In addition to the technological and privacy aspects, we also let you experience user-friendliness as well as the scalable platform that you can easily integrate into your service provision. TrustTester guarantees efficiency improvements in your online and offline processes, which means that you quickly earn back your investment. Because the TrustTester platform is built on open standards, applications can easily be realised in private-private, private-public, and public-public environments. The application possibilities are unlimited.


bc. Arjan van Diemen