Making liveable and sustainable cities a reality. In a changing world full of global challenges such as urbanisation, ageing, digitisation, automation and energy transition, our ambition is to boost the competitiveness of business and improve the well-being of society by increasing the safety, efficiency and sustainability of traffic and transport.

4 routes to a CO2 neutral industry

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The major challenge is to manage the ever-increasing need for the movement of people and goods. We are therefore working on making urban areas  easily accessible,  liveable and sustainable to everyone. In our vision, mobility is available to everyone on demand and everyone can participate in traffic comfortably and safely. It goes without saying that the transport of people and goods is safe, efficient and reliable, with the least possible impact on our environment and climate.

In our work we use disruptive technologies such as ‘the internet of things’, artificial intelligence, automated vehicles, self-organising logistics, new energy carriers and cooperative mobility. Boundaries are shifting in the design, development and testing of tools, simulations and assessment methodologies.


Our approach is based on the conviction that the people/end users, the vehicle/modality and the environment interact with each other constantly. In order to innovate in that ecosystem, smart communication solutions are needed. In order to make sustainable and smart traffic and transport possible, intelligence is needed in the logistics and mobility system. For example, in the form of self-organisation and intelligent communication. This could include solutions such as packages that can determine their own mode of transport, or cars that exchange information with each other ánd with roadside systems or even cyclists. Efficiency and safety go hand in hand.


It is important to better understand the complexity of these systems, with all their dependencies and connections, in order to make them sustainable and future-proof. Technological innovations from TNO make a substantial contribution to this. The Traffic and Transport Unit’s ambition is to strengthen our country’s international position with innovative solutions in the areas of mobility and logistics. Major projects that we carry out at European level and beyond as far as Japan contribute to this.

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Autonomous vehicles & systems

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