Reliable Mobility

Society wants to reduce the costs of an unreliable traffic system to a maximum of 2 billion euros annually and not let it grow to 4 billion euros.

TNO will help this goal by the development and accelerated application of a Robust Infrastructure Network and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).


ENSEMBLE starts tackling biggest challenges of large-scale deployment of multi-brand truck platooning

08 June 2018
On 1 June, the ENSEMBLE consortium officially started its activities towards the implementation and demonstration of multi-brand truck platooning on European roads. As it paves the way for the adoption... Read more

Truck Platooning technology ready for the public roads

31 October 2017
The EcoTwin consortium of TNO, DAF, NXP and Ricardo has proven the technical feasibility of Truck Platooning on public roads. The technology enables at least three trucks connected with each other through... Read more

TNO introduces Streetwise scenario-based methodology for validation of automated driving

07 July 2017
Automated Driving is developing rapidly. Full evaluation of the safety of automated driving systems is difficult or even impossible, as the system needs to deal with ‘all’ situations on the highway or... Read more


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