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To boost Europe’s power to innovate, solve societal problems and enable European companies to be competitive worldwide, the European Commission established research programmes for a six-year period, with the following programme being geared to the prevailing trends, developments and issues of that moment.

Seven so-called framework programmes have been carried out. Since 2015, the latest programme got under way, one in which the EC has brought greater focus and more scope to solve societal challenges: Horizon 2020. Currently, the preparations for the successor of Horizon 2020 have already started.

One of the Societal Challenges is Smart, Green and Integrated Transport. The EC invests 5.8 billion euro between now and 2020 in this Societal Challenge. This is crucial for TNO, with its spearheads including road traffic, rail transport, urban mobility, logistics, ITS, infrastructure and human behaviour. We are working on projects that solve clearly targeted and defined problems, whether these aim to improve safety for vulnerable road users, the smart application of ICT in traffic or the use of innovative techniques and strategies in urban traffic management. We do that in international consortia, and focus where possible on applications in the Netherlands. So it is essential that there is plenty of Dutch participation: SMEs, large companies, authorities (local and national) and other research organisations. We also actively provide input to upcoming work programmes, for instance in direct contact with the EC, in European associations, technology clusters and the Dutch sounding board group.

TNO is one of the founding fathers of EARPA, the European Automotive Research Partners Association. Founded in 2002, EARPA is the association of automotive R&D organisations. It brings together the most prominent independent R&D providers in the automotive sector throughout Europe. Its membership counts at present 50 members ranging from large and small commercial organisations to national institutes and universities. EARPA is the platform of automotive researchers and is actively contributing to the European Research Area and the future EU R&D funding programmes.

EARPA works in close cooperation with the automotive industry, the automotive suppliers, as well as the European Institutions and the EU Member States.
EARPA is independent from any external body or institute and is only funded by its members’ fees and is governed by an Executive Board and a General Assembly.

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Margriet van Schijndel-de Nooij, MSc


Margriet van Schijndel-de Nooij, MSc


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