Safe Mobility

By 2030 the Netherlands can reduce the number of traffic casualties by 25%. That saves society 2.5 billion euros per year.

TNO wants to contribute to this aim by helping to introduce more quickly smart vehicle technology and cooperative systems and thus halve the traffic jams in the Netherlands, and so relieve the environment as well as create opportunities for Dutch companies.


Vision Truck Platooning 2025

18 April 2016
Two or three trucks driving in convoy on a motorway; from 2020, it will become an increasingly familiar sight for road users. This foresight is part of the Vision Truck Platooning 2025, drafted by TNO... Read more


Daan de Cloe MSc MBA


Daan de Cloe MSc MBA

  • automotive
  • automated driving
  • vehicle dynamics
  • pedestrian safety
  • cyclist AEB

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