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Automotive research at TNO

Since 1993, TNO has built a strong track record in applied automotive research, providing our customers with innovative, integrated and tailor-made solutions for safety and powertrain related technologies.

With a background in testing & homologation, TNO has developed automotive application expertise in physics based modelling, model based simulation and advanced control applications. TNO uses her unique expertise to develop future-proof system and software architectures, (faster than) real-time simulation methods and tools and fully functional control algorithms, using the automotive hardware (platforms) of our customers.

Over the past 30 years, TNO has proven to be a valuable research, development and knowledge partner, with unique expertise, tools and research facilities for many automotive OEMs and TIER1 suppliers in the world:


Research on integrated vehicle safety

TNO is recognized by OEMs and TIERs all over the world as a valuable knowledge partner with unique expertise, tools and facilities. The activities within the research department Integrated Vehicle Safety... Read more

TNO research on powertrains

Future powertrain requirements ask for enormous commitment. To meet these requirements related to pollutants and CO2 emissions, exploiting the synergy between engine, drivetrain and after-treatment subsystems... Read more

Daan de Cloe MSc MBA


Daan de Cloe MSc MBA

  • automotive
  • automated driving
  • vehicle dynamics
  • pedestrian safety
  • cyclist AEB

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