Our work

TRANSUMO Intelligent Vehicles

The central goal of the Intelligent Vehicles project is to use in-car telematics as a breakthrough technology to improve the quality of travel and sustainable road traffic as well as the value of what in-car telematics has to offer (in the context of intelligent cooperative vehicle-road systems in terms of safety, circulation, reliability and environment).

This projects innovative elements are:

  • A full partnership between industry, government and knowledge institutions with a tripartite knowledge exchange;
  • Practical experience inn the actual realisation of a laboratory application of in-vehicle systems and the interaction with traffic monitoring and management applications;
  • Dealing with all kinds of transition aspects of blending old and new technologies and the confrontation of all kinds of, often conflicting, interests of the actors;
  • The achieved synergies with existing national and international projects;
  • The explicit focus on implementation aspects.

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