Automated vehicles will appear on public roads in the near future. In order to ensure the safety of automated driving, proven safety performance must be proven by vehicle owners, not only in normal situations, but also in the event of unexpected system failures or operating conditions. TNO can help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to prove functional safety.

How TNO can support this?

TNO offers support in efficiently proving vehicle safety performance by applying development methodology and tools to existing design processes and vehicle platforms. In addition, TNO helps road authorities build up the knowledge and possibilities for the required assessment of the safety performance of automated vehicles.

Specifically TNO offers

  • Knowledge and experience in the field of (functional) vehicle safety and in building cases on vehicle safety.
  • Support in designing suitable architectures for higher levels of automated driving.
  • Tools for defining safety-related requirements for vehicles and for defining maintenance requirements.
  • Tools and solutions for online vehicle safety monitoring and safety assessment (drive recorder).
  • Faster development and definition of safety requirements for higher levels of automated driving with software tools.

Want to know more?

Do you want more information about what TNO can do for you to prove the safety of your vehicles? Or are you looking for help in designing architectures for that safety? Then please contact us.


Emilia Silvas

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