Automated driving will change our lives. You can already see how cars park themselves, how trucks drive under their own power and how removal vans work without a human driver. Port automation will increasingly be self-managing, for example when transferring cargo to storage or to road transport. TNO offers manufacturers and their suppliers help with the market introduction of technologies in this area.

Accelerating market launch

Manufacturers of transport vehicles and their suppliers can contact TNO to realise market introduction. TNO can, for example, provide advice on safe and comfortable solutions for vehicle control. Either by licensing complete applications (such as highway pilot or automatic valet parking) or by offering underlying architectures and software modules. Design advice is also possible.

In addition, TNO can accelerate the acceptance of technology through the rapid realisation of proof-of-concept and vehicle demonstrations and advanced prototypes. TNO develops Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automation applications.

Advantages for manufacturers, OEMs, TIERs

  • Accelerating the development of technology by providing knowledge and software.
  • Accelerating market introduction.

Advantages for suppliers

  • Making marketing demonstrations.
  • Delivering model-based solutions that perform better.
  • Building systems and demonstrating operation in a pilot situation.
TNO Personalised ADAS

Advantages for government

  • Making investment decisions on the basis of background information.
  • Offering knowledge and expertise.
  • Demonstrating supplier components at application level.
  • Building demonstration and pilot systems.

Advantages for authorities, road authorities

  • Offering and sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Reducing the costs of developing road tests.

Specifically TNO offers

  • Licensing integrated control solutions (sensor fusion, global modelling, vehicle dynamics, vehicle control, behavioural forecasting).
  • Licensing security concepts and architectures (TNO produces the technology that manufacturers can acquire through the payment of licence fees)
  • Advising on security issues.
  • Functional and complete system technology and system integration.
  • Building proof-of-concept and vehicle demonstrations and advanced prototypes.
  • Integral knowledge of the combination of embedded vehicle control technology, system technology, safety and prototype implementation.

Want to know more?

Would you like more information about what TNO can do for you in the field of vehicle automation, integrated control solutions and system integration? Or do you want to demonstrate the operation of a technology or prototype in a pilot situation? Then please contact us.


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