TNO offers a comprehensive set of tools for the ongoing improvement of urban accessibility, health and economic vibrancy. 'Sustainable Urban Mobility and Accessibility’ (SUAM) offers not only insight into how the city functions but also effective solutions. At the heart of this set of tools is the integration of operational monitoring with tactical and strategic decision-making.

SUAM concerns the development of both monitoring instruments and models for the short and long term. The result is comprehensive and effective decision-making for an accessible, healthy and economically vibrant city.

Operational and tactical decsion-making

Within a city there is a lot that can be optimised at operational level, such as traffic light, parking sign and route information panel configurations and settings. All these systems can be aligned and therefore produce a lot of data. TNO processes this data into information that city administrators can use to evaluate and even predict the effects of traffic measures. An operational system is thus the basis for the tactical urban traffic management.
Apart from making the data transparent, TNO also works on tools that enable policymakers to gain a clear picture of various future scenarios. What happens, for instance, during a major event and what are the possibilities to make adjustments if the air quality exceeds the norm? To be able to facilitate this we are developing a cockpit for Urban Operations and Tactics. This gives administrators and policymakers ‘real-time’ information on urban performance through the key performance indicators of accessibility, health and economic vitality. The cockpit allows the effects of measures to be simulated, monitored and evaluated.

Strategic decision-making

At strategic level, too, TNO works on policy support tools. For example, a redesign of the road network or the development of a new residential neighbourhood that is as healthy as it can be. This enables the administrators to make good on their promise of creating a city that has clean air and good traffic circulation, where children can play safely, where shops are accessible and businesses thrive. We keep extending our comprehensive set of tools with new indicators to ensure it remains perfectly suited to establishing a vision of the environment or to supporting the European Union’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).

Infographic Sustainable Urban Accessibility & Mobility