Large and small urban centres embrace ICT as a panacea to solve problems of liveability, accessibility, safety and security. Big data, the Internet of Things and sensor technology are the magic words. TNO has clustered all its expertise in these domains to give cities a practicable boost here. Combining and sharing data in our Smart City Operating System leads to innovative solutions.

Many cities want to use the limitless possibilities of ICT but without first having established a clear set of ambitions, vision and goals. So TNO’s advice to municipalities is unwavering: first get everything concrete. Only then can we look together at the role ICT can play in realising those plans. Of course, our experts help to gain a clear picture, with their in-depth ICT expertise in all its facets and applications.

Show the world something new

TNO supports large cities in using ICT to deal with major issues. Put simply, we ‘tie together’ all the available data on mobility, environment, buildings, energy, health, safety and security in an open, accessible system and thereby enable steps to be taken that had previously been impossible. The Smart City Operating System combines interoperability, big data analysis, data governance and community forming. We are convinced that together with city administrators and business and industry, we will soon be showing the world successful applications realised with Smart City OS.

Big data eco system: ArenA

We are collaborating with a large group from industry on a big data ecosystem in the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center. In this living lab, actually a city in miniature, we will be showing UEFA at the beginning of next year how smart use of ICT can make a real festival out of matches and other events in a stadium for all the visitors. And what we demonstrate in the ArenA can be scaled up to a large city level.
Concretely, the inflow of thousands of visitors to a match or concert can disrupt a city or the surroundings. The methods and technologies of TNO turn that on its head: traffic jams, queuing and all other kinds of inconveniences and irritations make way for an enjoyable experience for visitors before, during and after the main event. To this end our behavioural and technological areas of expertise converge, using, for example, big data and innovative apps to entice visitors to come earlier, to use public transport, to follow the exact route to and from the stadium, and offering them amusement and tips.

Engage start-ups

The Smart City OS is a dynamic system in the throes of development. The idea and the method, with all the technology under the bonnet, has been developed by TNO and is ready for use in many areas of the city of the future. By involving business and industry from the start, it becomes much easier for these parties to scale new applications up to national level.

TNO expert Jeroen Broekhuijsen: 'We are already putting the Smart City OS into practice with regions like Amsterdam and Eindhoven, putting a clear emphasis on engaging start-ups in developing apps based on open data. The combination of the knowledge of TNO, the expertise among the cities and the innovative power of start-ups will put our country firmly on the world map with data-controlled cities.'