The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) aims to be a leading institute in applied urban technology and design. Across the world were facing massive urbanisation: by 2030, around 70% of the world's population is expected to live in major cities .

The enormous challenges for society, relating to mobility, food, water, waste, energy and health, need to be met by advanced integrated solutions.
AMS intends to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to research these issues, developing solutions and implementing them.

Amsterdam as a Living Lab

A key component in the proposal is Amsterdam as a 'living lab', the city as a test location. By collecting data about the city's metabolism it will be possible to devise innovative solutions which can be applied, evaluated and validated in the city. "There's nothing to stop us starting this right away," said TU Delft President, Dirk Jan van den Berg: "Amsterdam will become a testing ground for new concepts that can enhance quality of life and the sustainability of metropolises across the world." Within the "Proof of Concept Living Lab" TNO develops different modules for further examination of all possible data streams within cities. Together with partners we depict these streams in so-called Data Flow Observatories. Thus the analysis of data flows provides deeper insight into the mutual and underlying complex relationships. These visualizations are therefore a powerful source of new collaborations and crossover innovations with partners within AMS. It also facilitates global collaboration between cities.

Research and education

An innovative Master's degree programme in the field of Metropolitan Solutions will lie at the heart of the education offered by the AMS, closely intertwined with research. The programme will be offered on campus in Amsterdam and in the future also online, "Linking together the scientific programmes from Delft, Wageningen and MIT will deliver an enormous wealth of combined knowledge", said Van den Berg.


The consortium for Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions is a network of partners that reaches across the world. TU Delft, Wageningen UR and MIT form the academic heart of the initiative. They are working together with partners TNO, Accenture, Alliander, Cisco, IBM, KPN, Shell and Waternet, Amsterdam Smart City, ESA, Waag Society and the City of Boston.