The INTACT project aims to draw together innovative and cutting edge knowledge and experience in Europe from stakeholders and experts, analyses and assessments, to help and make critical infrastructure more resilient to extreme weather.

The project will collect, develop and demonstrate best practices in planning and designing protective measures as well as crisis response and recovery capabilities. Input for this will, among others, be derived from analysing of trends and expectations in extreme weather as well as the impact on critical infrastructure, developing a methodology for vulnerability assessment and risk management of critical infrastructure, and analysis of protection measures and approaches to close gaps in data availability and risk modelling.

TNO leads the consortium, the project and the development and implementation of the INTACT Wiki. As such, TNO is responsible for the integration of diverse types of inputs into an accessible and useable tool.

Intact Wiki

The INTACT Wiki is the platform in which the knowledge, tools and methods, developed in the EU project INTACT are shared with the world. On it, you can find information, references, guidance and experiences on how to ensure continued resilience of critical infrastructures in the context of changing climate and related extreme weather events.


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