Making technology that is practicable in its early days. TNO is committing to do this with the deployment of disruptive technologies. By trying out new technologies, we gather data, which we then use to build simulations that help predict on a large scale the impact of a change on a city or metropolitan region.

Does a traveller go by car, take the train or get on a bicycle? The better we understand why a certain mobility is chosen, the better we can predict the extent to which the traveller will switch to a new modality with a new price and a new proposition, such as is currently happening with Uber or car sharing. But can you ever get people out of their cars, and will the new mode of transport really improve the quality of life in the city?

Turning data into decision-making information

With the Internet of Things we are improving things such as air quality, traffic flow, noise and safety. But what does not yet exist is technology for making the large-scale use of data feasible and distilling from it information that we can convert into decision-making information useful to an executive body. TNO is therefore building behavioural models that show the effect of the new technology in the short, middle and long term. By testing whether measures work, municipalities and government authorities are enabled to make policy and steer the course of the changes.

Acting now

The Netherland wants to be ready for the possibilities opened up by communication techniques such as 5G. With this superfast, reliable communication, we are building applications that will increase the capacity of the existing road network and with which we can prepare cities, government authorities and the infrastructure for automatic driving. What makes things complicated is that by no means all cars are as yet fitted with automatic driving. The cities and infrastructure authorities are smack in the middle of the situation as it now is. They have to act now in a situation in which a great many people drive cars that still need them to be at the wheel.

Simulating the market impact

While the new, large-scale modalities don't yet exist, TNO is building experimental environments in which we can simulate the market impact. For each component of a C-ITS solution, from the onboard unit, the roadside unit and the application to the communication and the upscaling, we can see in a small setting the future value and impact of technology.