Sustainable Mobility and Logistics

TNO is working hard to create cleaner and more efficient vehicles to facilitate sustainable mobility. One way we are doing this is by measuring the actual, real-world emissions of hazardous substances produced by vehicles on the road. Using this data, we can provide advice on suitable environmental measures to both national and EU government agencies.

The main body of our work involves collecting, linking, enriching and interpreting vehicle data on both emissions and driving behaviour. We integrate the knowledge we gain from this research in our models, with a focus on three themes: real-world traffic emissions, the mobility transition and clean urban mobility.

Real-world traffic emissions

TNO is a leading knowledge party in the field of real-world traffic emissions in the Netherlands and Europe. We have years of experience collecting data on vehicle emissions on roads under real-world conditions. Our research has revealed that there is often a considerable gap between statutory standards and the actual emissions produced by vehicles. The results of this research are used by various government agencies to create and enforce legislation that stimulates cleaner and more efficient vehicles. Our advanced measurement and analysis methods also help manufacturers to make their vehicles as clean and efficient as possible.

The mobility transition

Mobility is an important contributor to our CO₂ footprint. Our mobility system will need to change drastically if we are to achieve our climate goals. This transition will require a clever combination of measures and technologies to bring about the decarbonization of the mobility system. We advise government agencies and businesses on how they can design and accelerate their transition to CO₂-neutral mobility by applying our far-reaching knowledge of the mobility system and using models that describe the effects of various measures and their relationships.

Clean urban mobility

We apply our knowledge and expertise of real-world emissions and the transition to CO₂-neutral mobility to help cities design sustainable mobility systems. We can provide reliable data on real-world traffic emissions in cities based on fleet scans and describe the expected effects of various traffic and fleet management measures. We offer cities tools, insights and step-by-step plans to help them make the transition to a clean and CO₂-neutral mobility system.


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Sustainable Traffic and Transport