Urbanisation: ‘We are working on the liveability and competitiveness of cities’

Cities are successful communities. It is what makes them attractive but also vulnerable. ‘Urban areas are becoming fuller, busier and more complex. This is a problem for the liveability and competitiveness of the cities’, says Leo Kusters, managing director of Urbanisation. Concrete solutions and vision are required to change this trend.

We are working on that vision and on solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow, together with collaboration partners, governments and industry. Collectively we are applying our knowledge to improve the physical environment and make it sustainable. Our focus is on solutions in the fields of mobility, infrastructure and buildings, spatial planning and the environment.

Shaping a practical future

We connect knowledge from various knowledge domains to create new chances for the city’s life-sustaining arteries. This how we make innovative solutions usable in practice – both now and into the future.

If you would like to know more about our Urbanisation activities, continue reading below or get in touch with us.

Leo Kusters MSc


Leo Kusters MSc

  • urbanisation
  • mobility
  • infrastructure
  • sustainebility
  • logistics

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