Urbanisation: ‘We are working on the liveability and competitiveness of cities’

Cities are successful communities. That is part of their attraction, but at the same time, it also makes them vulnerable. “Urban areas are becoming fuller, busier, and more complex. That detracts from the liveability and competitiveness of these cities,” says Leo Kusters, managing director of Urbanisation. Vision and concrete solutions are needed if this trend is to be reversed. We look at the system of cities and metropolitan areas from three perspectives.

How do you make a city more sustainable and liveable? A sustainable city is constantly moving forwards, looking to find the right balance, and in doing so responds to the existing dynamics.

How do we keep a city accessible, and what new patterns and modalities are created in this process? What is clear is that the users of the mobility systems are increasingly becoming the most important factor. Self-organization is needed for this.

How can cities continue to learn to respond to the challenges they are facing? A city is agile if it is open and transparent in its decision-making processes and is capable not just of anticipating, but also of acting by making strategic use of the data and information available to it.

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