Our work

Energy performance and parity statements

The Dutch energy performance standard for buildings has been established to promote energy efficiency in the built environment. This is important since some 30% of energy used in the Netherlands is attributable to the built environment. Energy performance requirements are regularly tightened.

Various new and existing techniques are available to achieve better energy performance. Whenever a new technique is introduced claiming to have a positive effect on energy performance, it may be necessary to perform a study or test and establish the activity in a parity statement. Within the context of energy performance and parity much is being done to make the Netherlands more sustainable. Below are a couple of the activities.

Product development

Manufacturers are producing new, energy-efficient products in the battle for better and better EPCs. TNO can contribute to this product development and has substantial experience when it comes to heat pumps, solar boilers and heat recovery, among others. TNO assesses combinations of components in terms of energy, economy and comfort in system studies. EPBD:
The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires the emergence in Europe of an "EPN" for both new and existing buildings, which already exists in the Netherlands. To support this initiative CEN is developing a set of standards on which future Dutch regulations will be based. TNO is participating in the development of these European standards.

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