Our work

Enhanced performance of buildings and installations

Users have a critical eye when it comes to examining the qualities of a building in terms of health, comfort, safety and operating costs. Installation downtime and comfort or health complaints stemming from poor building design must be kept to a minimum.

Hence the importance of being able to guarantee a building's performance, starting with the architectural drawings and installation design right up to managing it. This assures the performance of that building and its installations. But we do more than work on quality assurance; we also develop new technologies that further enhance and guarantee performance.

TNO also provides advice for entire building clusters and residential neighbourhoods. It is vital on this level, too, that installations function at their best and in coordination because that yields more savings and greater efficiency. TNO can provide you with technological and process-oriented support in the decision-making and design process to help you make the best choices at district, cluster or building level.

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