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Fresh-air Schools

Conventional ventilation solutions are expensive and demand drastic constructional alterations. TNO has come up with an innovative, affordable system that enables the indoor climate to be both healthy and comfortable with the minimum of constructional intervention.

In many schools the air is not fresh. Artificial odours, germs, particles and other forms of contamination are spread by children and their activities. In around eighty per cent of classrooms the CO2 concentration is often three to four times higher that the health limit. And with so many people crammed into the space coupled with poor ventilation, the result is a poor indoor climate. In addition, the indoor temperature in the summer is often excessive while in the winter the air quality is inadequate since doors and windows stay closed to prevent draught. Such conditions can adversely affect pupil performance and cause a higher incidence of teacher illness.

How it works

The patented Fresh-air Schools solution has a different way of ventilating; instead of grates and windows, fresh air is spread by openings in the ceiling. The result is a draught-free, fresh classroom with a pleasant temperature. The space above the ceiling is used as an air distribution system. The combination of optimal and stimulating light with good sound insulation and acoustics enhances the indoor climate in the classroom. In turn, it enhances the well-being of the pupils and the working conditions of the teachers.

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