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Performance guarantee: air-conditioning correctly tuned

However elaborate the design of an air-conditioning system, if it is not correctly adjusted and regularly maintained, its performance will suffer. As many as 70% of installed systems underperform, which means needlessly high energy consumption. TNO studies the performance of these systems in use. We also investigate and advise on performance monitoring.

The components that regulate the climate in a building collectively form the air-conditioning system. Today's requirements on energy and comfort are making these systems ever more complex. Cooling systems, installations with heat pumps, underground energy storage, intelligent ventilation and ingenious heat recovery are becoming commonplace. Besides comfort, energy consumption and safety aspects, such as legionnaire's disease, are important design factors. As well as the right choice of equipment, system coordination and adjustment are part of the equation.

Nonetheless, almost three quarters of air-conditioning systems have disappointing performance, with excessive energy consumption and unsatisfactory comfort. TNO has the knowledge and the models needed to assess installation performance. Based on the assessment results we advise on the conceptual choices in design, commissioning, monitoring, and - last but not least - maintenance.

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